June 1, 2023
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Welcome to Church
Please contact brucewaynebirch.bb@gmail.com  you would like to appear in my video clips or be interviewed by Celebrity Puppets (Scotty and Matilda #GetInterviewedbyaPuppet #ScottyandMatilda get in contact RIGHT NOW! Please contact brucewaynebirch.bb@gmail.com You may also want a unique Video Clip made for your no#1 Hit song or tell us a Story.  Contact us Forthwith! SUPPORT THE SALVATION ARMY BY CLICKING HERE
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All a very good intention to propose a very original and full of quality. Without being a habitual style that I usually listen to, if it manages to attract the attention of the ears, thanks to its energy that is so characteristic of this type of musical style a mixture of electronic and pop, and good arrangements of each musical track, synthesizers, bases rhythmic … And without a doubt his interpreter manages to transmit with his voice the essence of the song. Reviewed by Ritmo Contagioso
Cool Sound! Hi there! Very cool back ground and beat! Kind of techno! Very catchy and exciting! I like your style and the lyrics are awesome! I am going to check out more of you stuff and hopefully you are doing more from now forward as well! Great job brother! 🙂 Reviewed by Lisa Young
Lisa Young
Choose life is a great song by Bruce Wayne. Electronic beat in this song tends to make you want to move your feet without even realizing it and the lyrics were very powerful and meaningful. Excellent job! Reviewed by Richard Mather
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